These are exercises from various fields of astronomy which are intended for calculation on individual basis for every pupil. Every exercise has its autor which enables communication through e-mail with respective authors/scientists thus helping them to solve the actual problem.  Exercises marked with (PRO) stand for “observation projects”, those marked with (PRA) stand for practicum, cabinet and simulation projects and finally, exercises marked with (IZR) stand for building of astronomy devices. After you complete the exercise and send the results to respective author, it will be marked as a link. If you want to send your own idea for an exercise, you should contact the scientist in charge for this particular field of research.

Exercises and mini projects:

1. Spherical astronomy

2. Celestial mechanics

3. Astrophysics

3.1. Astrophysical methods and instruments
3.2. Sun
3.3. Stars
3.4. Deep sky astronomy and cosmology

4. Planetology

4.1. Planets
4.2. Small bodies in solar system (asteroids, meteoroids and comets)